Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can you name the USA WTA finalists since 2000?

Yesterday's quiz was a walk in the grass compared to today's: 29 US women have reached at least 1 WTA final since 2000. Can you name them?

You've got a little more time on the clock today. And, because I'm a mensch, I'll give you TWO of the answers for free: WILLIAMS.

You're welcome.

(Again, let us know how you did in comments!) Anyone who can get 29 of 29 without cheating gets a free hug from me!

1 comment:

  1. Tennis... What is waiting ATP and WTA to modify the Tennis court?: bring near ½ meter the transversal line of the service square towards the net. Finish the tale of the "great servicers" = "great borers" that turn out to the spectators from the tiers stadium, with the tedium of service ald little more. Tennis is long game, is art...that generate fondness for Tennis, not the tale of the service. Come on, everybody thumb up...